Quelle Strane Occasioni

Quartet Records (8436035003860)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 07/11/2011 | Medio: CD
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# Pista   Duración
1.Macchina D'Amore4:03
2.Let's Face Love1:54
3.Number One Superman3:58
4.Superman Tango3:01
5.El Agitato3:04
6.Blue Femminile (Excerpts from the film “Scacco Alla Regina”, composed by Piero Piccioni)3:57
7.Guitars Improvviso2:15
8.Going My Round2:14
9.Coming to the Point Tango1:58
10.Combinazione Special3:15
11.Aspetto Ancora Un Giorno (Excerpts from the film “Scacco Alla Regina”, composed by Piero Piccioni)2:18
# Pista   Duración
1.Macchina D'Amore (Duet version)0:18
2.Let's Face Love (Breve interludio)0:53
3.Number One Superman (Disco slow)1:21
4.Superman Tango (Piano elettrico slow)2:56
5.Going My Round (Sequenza ascensore)2:23
6.Guitars Improvviso (Attimo di allegria)2:21
7.Coming to the Point Tango (Versione slow)1:57
8.Combinazione "Special" (Duet version)1:47
9.Going My Round (Piano disco)2:39
10.Let's Face Love (Viola version)1:39
11.Number One Superman (Piano triste)0:50
12.Going My Round (Disco dance radio)1:33
13.Let's Face Love (Meeting d'amore)1:53
14.Number One Superman (Piano triste 2)1:22
15.Macchina D'Amore (Notte erotica)2:40
16.Number One Superman (Tarantella)2:25
17.Macchina D'Amore (Sax sex)0:47
18.Number One Superman (Marcetta)1:29
19.Let's Face Love (Violino d'amore)1:01
20.Number One Superman (Piano triste 3)2:03
21.Macchina D'Amore (Love night)2:04
22.Number One Superman (Funny mood)3:34
23.Macchina D'Amore (Sexy girl)1:13
24.Number One Superman (The greatest sex show)1:21
25.Macchina D'Amore (Hot love)1:47
26.Let's Face Love (Fisa d'amore)1:07
27.Macchina D'Amore (Piccolo amore)0:35
28.Superman Tango (Fast version)2:25
29.El Agitato (Alternate ending)3:07
30.Let's Face Love (Fisa d'amore 2)2:05
31.Number One Superman (Long version)5:13
32.Macchina D'Amore (Goodbye)1:56
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Quelle strane occasioni (1976)

Scacco alla regina (1969)
Premiere CD release with the complete score of Piero Piccioni (Minessota Clay, La deccima vittima, Appassionata) for the popular Italian chapter-comedy from 1976. The film's main themes are, of course, sex, love and everyting in-between.

Paolo Villaggio introduces himself as the “Italian Superman”, a well-endowed attraction at an erotic bar who struggles to keep his job a secret from his wife. “The Swedish Horse” stars Nino Manfredi as a strict patriarch who is tempted into infidelity by a nubile houseguest. Finally, Alberto Sordi and Stefania Sandrelli get stuck in “The Elevator” for a whole afternoon and this experience changes both of them.

The colorful score is provided by Piero Piccioni, who wrote individual themes for each episode and created a separate score for each story. “Italian Superman” offers a mock superhero theme in addition to goofy source music for the stage show, whereas “The Swedish Horse” offers two haunting lyrical themes for the protagonist. “The Elevator” largely relies on colorful diegetic music that breaks down the social barriers between the two main characters.

This new 2-CD recreates the original LP program on Disc 1, while Disc 2 contains over an hour’s worth of previously unreleased material, including the complete session masters with film takes, alternate versions and outtakes, all carefully restored and mastered by Claudio Fuiano. The 12-page full color booklet includes exclusive liner notes by Gergely Hubai about the genre, the film, the actors and, of course, the music.

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