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Final Fantasy XIV: Death unto Dawn

Masayoshi Soken 15/09/2021 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Locus (Duality)4:43
2.Metal-Brute Justice Mode (Journeys)3:38
3.Rise (Journeys)3:48
4.Moebius (Orchestral Version)4:09
5.A Fine Air Forbiddeth4:18
6.A Fierce Air Forceth4:23
7.The Garden's Gates4:15
8.The Grand Cosmos4:38
9.The Mendicant's Relish5:22
10.Starlight de Chocobo1:02
11.Starlight de Chocobo (?)0:59
12.Significance-Nothing (From NieR:Automata)1:17
13.Vague Hope-Cold Rain (From NieR:Automata)3:37
14.Crumbling Lies-Front (From NieR:Automata)3:20
15.Alien Manifestation (From NieR:Automata)4:37
16.Song of the Ancients-Atonement (From NieR:Automata)5:21
17.Bipolar Nightmare (From NieR:Automata)5:12
18.Weight of the World-Prelude Version2:39
19.Faltering Prayer-Dawn Breeze (From NieR:Automata)2:17
20.Voice of no Return-Guitar (From NieR:Automata)3:28
21.Floundering in the Depths4:57
22.Insatiable (Scions & Sinners)5:27
23.Hopl's Dropple4:32
24.Ultima (Scions & Sinners)3:46
25.Rise of the White Raven (Orchestral Version)3:28
27.Twice Stricken5:52
28.Primal Angel4:13
29.Footsteps in the Snow7:00
30.A Sundering of Light1:58
31.Return to Oblivion5:35
33.Wind on the Plains4:53
34.Blood on the Wind5:06
35.Unrest (Zodiac Age Version)1:36
36.Discord: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version)2:47
37.Into the Fortress (Zodiac Age Version)3:32
38.Battle with an Esper (Zodiac Age Version)2:26
39.Life and Death (Zodiac Age Version)1:51
40.Watts's Anvil3:30
# Pista   Duración
1.The Isle of Endless Summer0:55
2.Where All Roads Lead4:35
3.Echoes in the Dark1:34
4.To the Edge7:31
5.Eternal Wind (Shadowbringers)4:13
6.Amusement Park (From NieR:Automata)2:33
7.Fortress of Lies (From NieR:Automata)2:47
8.Grandma-Destruction (From NieR:Automata)4:28
9.End of the Unknown (From NieR:Automata)4:59
10.Torn from the Heavens/The Dark Colossus Destroys All-Medley Version6:38
11.Broken Heart (From NieR:Automata)2:16
12.New Foundations1:04
13.New Foundations (Groundbreaking)1:04
14.Gogo's Theme2:22
15.Freshly Glazed Porxie4:27
16.The Black Wolf Stalks Again11:42
17.Don't Be Afraid (Shadowbringers)2:43
18.The Legendary Beast (Shadowbringers)5:59
19.Treasured Memory2:12
20.Promises to Keep5:18
21.The Extreme (Shadowbringers)6:40
22.Ami (Shadowbringers)4:49
23.Shuffle or Boogie (Shadowbringers)2:51
24.The Sochen Cave Palace (Zodiac Age Version)2:25
25.Giving Chase (Zodiac Age Version)1:42
26.The Queen Awakens7:40
27.Wrath of the Harrier5:19
29.Voice of no Return-Normal (From NieR:Automata)3:30
30.The Color of Depression (From NieR:Automata)1:02
31.Widespread Illness (From NieR:Automata)1:50
32.Emil-Despair (From NieR:Automata)4:45
33.Mourning (From NieR:Automata)2:58
34.The Sound of the End (From NieR:Automata)4:41
35.The Sound of the End: 8bit (From NieR:Automata)2:49
36.Possessed by Disease (From NieR:Automata)5:10
37.Kaine-Final Fantasy Main Theme Version4:56
38.Weight of the World-Instrumental Version (From NieR:Automata)5:36
39.City Ruins-Rays of Light (From NieR:Automata)2:11
40.Seven Flames4:39
41.And Love You Shall Find5:28
42.In the Arms of War6:40
43.Forever at Your Side2:28
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