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Cris Tales

Black Screen Records 23/07/2021 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Tale's Introduction0:33
2.The Cathedral of the Mothers2:47
3.The Journey Across the World2:06
4.The Maestro's Message2:57
5.The Anticipation of the Fight1:48
6.The Timeless Battle3:32
7.The Moment of Victory0:58
8.The Campsite Conversation2:05
9.The Forest Glade2:56
10.The Decisive Battle3:36
11.The Floodside District3:14
12.The Walled City of Saint Clarity2:56
13.The Sewer Shortcut2:46
14.The Innovative Engineer1:12
15.The Corrupt Cathedral2:23
16.The Wild Cat Armory1:33
17.The Roaming Merchant1:39
18.The Red Rivers of Mt. Thysia2:20
19.The Mayor's Resolve1:56
20.The General's Last Stand3:27
21.The Time Empress Waltz2:55
22.The Faithful Fashionista2:10
23.The Cathedral Conversation2:05
24.The Ransacked Residence1:39
25.The Salt and the Sanctuary2:50
26.The Ancient City of Neva Tulira3:22
27.The Hidden Library3:04
28.The Battle of Attrition3:30
29.The Meddling Magician1:38
30.The Mansion Mystery2:22
31.The Seafaring Stiletto2:06
32.The Witness at Rainbow Lake3:20
33.The Crow's Murder3:28
34.The Town of Cinder2:57
35.The Remains of Cineza2:18
36.The Concealed Castle1:45
37.The Fire in the Forge2:21
38.The Forgotten Cathedral1:52
39.The Magician's Prestige3:43
40.The Sanctum Under Siege3:00
41.The Battle to Defeat Destiny4:40
42.The Dragon Rider2:00
43.The Battle Against Time3:56
44.The Revealed Ruins2:06
45.The Ruins of Narim2:26
46.The Ruins of Saint Clarity2:26
47.The Ruins of Neva Tulira2:26
48.The Ruins of Cinder2:26
49.The Final Battle4:17
50.The Tale's Conclusion1:19
51.The Bitter Defeat0:12
52.The Sleepy Sojourn0:10
53.The Crystal Break0:18
54.The First Nightmare0:36
55.The General's Resignation1:18
56.The Second Nightmare0:29
57.The Rainbow Lake Reflection0:11
58.The Catastrophe Questioned0:11
59.The Birdnapping0:23
60.The Dragon's Awakening1:16
61.The Empress Clocks Out0:11
62.The Catastrophe Confirmed0:16
63.The Deception Unveiled0:14
64.The Deceitful Conceit0:15
65.The Reset Button0:24
66.The Angelic Agreement0:10
67.The Sacrifice0:13
68.The Win-Win Scenario0:13
69.The World Restored0:37
70.The Timeline Restored1:26
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