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La-La Land Records 01/12/2020 CD - 1000 copias (826924155523)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Freaky Prologue2:56
2.The Killing Starts3:39
3.Morning Millie2:19
4.The Butcher and the Beaver5:55
5.New Day New Bodies5:27
6.Ice Cold3:15
7.Kitchen Combat2:05
8.La Dola Revelations4:26
9.Shop Class2:22
10.Char Car Chase2:26
11.Easy to Talk To4:00
12.Blacklight Maze2:30
13.A Poetry Reading1:47
14.The Plan1:56
15.Backseat Butterflies1:49
16.Knife Heist5:02
17.Homecoming at the Old Mill6:22
18.The Best Pain1:46
19.A Fucking Piece3:53
20.Freaky Credits4:41
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