A Suitable Boy

Silva Screen Records 20/11/2020 CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
2.Lata’s Theme 
3.Your Sister, My Brother 
4.You Too Will Marry A Boy I Choose 
5.Lutf Woh Ishq MeinKavita Seth 
6.Mehfil Barkhaast HuiKavita Seth 
7.Smitten Kitten (Meenakshi’s Theme) 
9.Quegdevelim SunsetBombay Brass 
10.No Time, Lover, Or Friend 
11.Raag KhamaajShujaat Husain Khan 
12.There Is No Harm In Dawn 
13.The Floating Temple 
14.Pillow Talk 
15.Let’s Go Away / I Never Want to See You Again 
16.Na-rawa KahiyeKavita Seth 
17.What Happened & Maan Delirium 
18.Muddat Hui HaiKavita Seth 
19.Kabir’s Letter 
20.Unsuitable Tango 
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Railway Theme 
2.One Loves You 
3.Your Parakeet Is Well? 
4.Are You Making Fun of Me? 
5.Farewell to Rasheed 
6.Are You A Lipstick Girl? 
7.Are We French Now? 
8.Dil-e-NadaanKavita Seth 
9.Make Lata Love Me 
10.I Can Make Any Shoe 
11.Think Beyond Your Friends 
12.Fluke of A Catch 
13.Christmas In Prahapore 
14.Free India’s First Election 
15.Raag JhinjhotiShujaat Husain Khan 
16.Raag Lalit 
17.Maan In Turmoil 
19.The Fever Bird 
20.Maan In Prison 
21.An Unfortunate Accident 
22.Love Has Run Its Course (Mehfil Barkhaast Hui Duet) 
23.A Suitable Boy 
24.Lata Chooses Her Suitable Boy 
25.Monkey Wisdom 
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