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IRH Press 16/10/2020 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2020


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# Pista   Duración
1.The road to Master7:10
2.Becoming Buddha5:30
3.My Dearest Chiaki6:34
4.Regretful Love6:21
5.I love New York6:13
6.Listen for the Voices of the Wind4:36
7.Regretful Love -Miho's Sentiment-2:04
8.The road to Master -Twiceborn-1:20
9.Wrapped in the Warmth2:07
11.Satoru's Youth1:54
12.Ripples -Mirror of the Mind-2:24
13.Aspirations to Become a Thinker1:51
14.Quiet Passion0:31
15.Good News2:21
16.In Train -Possessed People-2:07
17.At Office -Tough Environment-1:52
18.Conversations with the Spirits1:24
19.Possessing Spirit2:08
21.A Compliment?1:13
22.Prime Rate1:19
23.Regretful Love -Miho's Dream-1:48
25.A Memorable Photo2:31
26.Regretful Love -Valuable Time-2:11
27.Listen for the Voices of the Wind -Fleeting Youth-1:21
29.Gushing Light2:08
30.Jingle Bell Dance1:13
31.Regretful Love (Blue swing version)1:35
32.Regretful Love (Lounge Piano trio version)1:19
33.Conquering the Devil ~ Receiving Light5:28
34.Regretful Love -Unfulfilled Wish version-4:10
35.A Step into Freedom1:34
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