Película | Fecha de estreno: 07/09/2004 | Estreno de película: 1968 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 1500 copias


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# Pista   Duración
The complete Score
1.The Saloon1:30
2.Main Title1:59
3.The Imposter0:44
4.Porcession to the Gallows2:55
5.A bad Day for Hanging / The Kidnap4:08
6.Across the River1:02
7.Bad News / He'll cross it / The Bait8:55
8.The Trap2:30
9.El Jefe0:52
11.The Violator1:17
13.A Bag of Money1:18
14.Dee's Proposal5:32
15.A better Way3:42
Bonus Tracks
16.Maria's Theme (demo)1:56
17.Bandolero! Theme (demo)1:31
Original 1968 Album Mix
18.Main Title1:59
19.The Trap2:25
20.El Jefe0:52
21.The Bait2:13
24.Dee's Proposal5:30
25.Across the River1:02
26.A bad Day for Hanging3:02
27.A better Way3:35
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We were just finishing four months of production on this CD when we received news that Jerry Goldsmith had passed away. He was truly without peer and will forever be missed. In celebration of his music we respectfully announce our newest release:

Expanded edition of soundtrack for rugged south-western with James Stewart, Dean Martin. Jerry Goldsmith creates one of his most colorful scores using full orchestra plus harmonica, bass harmonica, twin marimbas, banjos, 12-string guitar, electric guitar, xylophone, castanets, Jews harp, wood blocks, whistler, more. Main theme gives rhythm, harmony equal billing with melody. Interesting device: both opening major-key theme, minor-key melodic extension share independence or partnership as needed. Also important is haunting marimba tune for Maria (Raquel Welch). In contrast: ferocious cues for savage bandits met along the way. Intrada presents a world premiere complete release from original multi-track session masters. In reverse of the norm, it was the original 1968 stereo mix for LP (and subsequent 1993 Intrada CD) that saw compromise: details for snare drum, wood blocks, triangle, solitary guitar lines, tympani hits and more were actually removed or given copious reverb to fill in for their 'missing' status. Heavy editing also kept the original running time at 28 minutes. Now fully restored are important cues such as 'The Kidnap', 'Procession to the Gallows', 'He'll Cross It' plus restorations to familiar tracks such as 'Ambushed' and 'The Bait'. Even a select few bars deleted from the finale are now restored. Master elements preserved in the 20th Century Fox vaults in perfect condition have been newly-mixed and assembled in complete film sequence. Two bonus 'demo' takes found on the master reels are also included. Finally, a full presentation of the original 28-minute album from the 1968 two-track masters appears for comparisons as well as listeners preferring these earlier mixes. Lionel Newman conducts. Limited Edition of 1500 copies.

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