The Spitfire Grill
2001 New York Cast

Triangle Road Records 14/09/2020 CD
James Valcq and Fred Alley 29/04/2002 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.A Ring Around The Moon 
2.Something's Cooking 
3.Coffee Cups And Gossip 
4.Out Of The Frying Pan 
5.Hannah Had A Son 
6.When Hope Goes 
7.Ice And Snow/Shelby's Aid 
8.The Colors Of Paradise 
9.Digging Stone 
10.This Wide Woods 
11.Forgotten Lullaby 
12.Shoot The Moon 
13.Opening Act II 
14.Come Alive Again 
15.Forest For The Trees 
16.Wild Bird 
19.Way Back Home 
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