The Delta Force
20th Anniversary Edition

Bootleg (3418119862006)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2007 | Estreno de película: 1986 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
The Delta Force
1.Logo Alan Silvestri0:13
2.Desert One (Iran, 1980) Alan Silvestri2:33
3.Main Title Alan Silvestri2:41
4.Atw Flight 282 (July 19th, 1985) - The Hijacking Alan Silvestri2:57
5.The Doll Alan Silvestri1:07
6.The Passports Alan Silvestri2:11
7.Israeli Names Get Picked Alan Silvestri3:09
8.Beirut Takeover And Hostage Displacement Alan Silvestri2:53
9.The Beach Landing Alan Silvestri2:13
10.Nightly Target Approach Alan Silvestri1:59
11.From The Sewer Into The Basement Alan Silvestri3:23
12.The Strike Alan Silvestri2:03
13.The Radio Operator Alan Silvestri1:38
14.Hostage Rescue Alan Silvestri1:53
15.Reunion At Ben Gurion Airport Alan Silvestri2:15
16.End Credits Alan Silvestri4:21
The Delta Force 2
17.Delta Force Suite #1 Frédéric Talgorn21:15
18.Delta Force Suite #2 Frédéric Talgorn13:22
19.The Winds Of Change [Performed By Lee Greenwood] Frédéric Talgorn3:16
bonus track
20.Delta Force 3 Robert Thomas Mein4:30
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