Intemporel, Pt. 2

Jason De Roeck 29/05/2020 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Who Is the Missing Knight 
3.Under the Thunder 
4.Ice Out of Sight 
5.Closer to the Edge 
6.The End of a Journey 
7.Goodbye Friend 
8.Into the Orb 
9.I Forgot 
12.Conflict Unsolved 
13.Endless Waiting 
14.End of the Show 
15.Show Must Go On! 
16.I Remember 
17.Light Behind Death 
18.Bravest Knight 
19.Where Is My Place? 
21.I Trusted 
22.The End of Time 
23.The End 
24.Timeless Knight 
25.Until the Very End 
26.Is It the End? 
27.Liberation Potion Trailer (Bonus Track) 
28.Final Trailer (Bonus Track) 
29.Who Was the Bravest Knight (Bonus Track) 
30.Who Is the Rocking Knight (Bonus Track) 
31.It's the Rocking End (Bonus Track) 
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