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The Legends of Robin Hood
Original Audio Theatre Soundtrack

Records DK 29/04/2020 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Legends of Robin Hood2:08
2.The Ambush1:01
3.Of Quests and Quarterstaves1:49
4.Tricks on Black Hugo2:55
5.Enduring Friendship (Hob & Robin)1:30
6.The Archery Contest1:17
7.The Glory of the Arrow2:37
8.A Lady's Rescue4:56
9.Will's Pain1:29
10.The Sheriff of Nottingham's Demise1:36
11.Robin's Journey Into the Forest2:59
12.The Undisguised King3:43
13.A Call to Arms1:22
14.The Seige of Wrangby Castle3:37
15.The Wolf, His Foe, and the Final Fray4:04
16.Smoke and Stone / an Honest Outlaw5:18
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