Cruise Ship Stories

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# Pista   Duración
1.Cruise Ship3:11
2.Captain's Handshake2:54
3.All Aboard3:12
4.Sail Away3:29
5.Ship Song4:21
6.Sailing On3:08
7.Leaving the Harbour1:26
8.Into the Wind3:47
9.Havanna Bar3:43
10.Piano Bar3:07
11.Relaxing at the Pool3:01
12.Afternoon on Deck3:29
13.Relaxing on Deck3:29
14.Captain's Dinner2:57
15.Cocktail Bar3:02
16.Celebration Tune3:15
17.On the Market3:17
18.Single Cocktail3:37
19.Party Ship3:14
20.Latino Party3:08
21.Maritime Party3:12
22.Dancing on the Beach3:10
23.On the Dancefloor3:40
24.Welcome Gala Show2:49
25.Crew Show2:40
26.Action and Sports3:14
27.Shopping and Boutique3:27
28.Wellness and Beauty2:55
29.New Horizons3:06
30.Sailing Strong3:01
31.Lonely Passenger1:29
32.Stormy Weather2:52
33.Hard on the Wind2:50
34.Summer Breeze3:46
35.Sunset Glow3:04
36.Wide Ocean3:24
38.Adventure Trip3:03
39.Island Sunset3:25
40.Excursion Trip3:45
41.Sightseeing Tour3:13
42.Island Rumba3:29
43.Driving Around3:21
44.Goodbye Tune1:28
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