Star Trek Voyager Collection: Volume Two

La-La Land Records 03/12/2019 CD - 3000 copias (0826924151228)


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# Pista   Duración
Music by Jay Chattaway
1.Star Trek: Voyager Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith)1:46
2.Learning Curve #116: Training Montage*2:21
3.Teamwork Rescue3:58
4.Non Sequitur #122: Don't Leave Me1:55
5.Breaking Into Starfleet/At the Timestream*6:33
6.Sacred Ground #143: Let the Games Begin2:01
7.Snake Bite/Shoreline Visit3:13
8.Leap of Faith/The Big Gamble/Shaken Convictions3:09
9.The Chute #147: Bad View1:31
10.Don't Leave Me/Finish Him2:43
11.Great Escape/When Harry Met Paris*3:11
12.Future's End, Part I #150: Not the Weapon/Breaking & Entering2:11
13.Future's End, Part II #151: Recap/Doc Feels Pain2:25
14.Doc to the Rescue—Chase/Killer Truck4:36
15.Last Kiss—Last Warning/Starling Destroyed/Last Joke4:59
16.Blood Fever #157: Accidents Can Happen*/Torres' Discovery3:43
17.Outdoor Klingon Love/Fight! Fight! Fight!*3:55
18.Scientific Method #175: Deck by Deck Survey2:21
19.One Death Too Many/Aliens Fold4:36
20.Dragon's Teeth #225: Future Armageddon1:25
21.Dead Jisa1:43
23.Vaadwaur Attack/Gedrin Saves the Day3:39
24.Drive #249: Flyer's Test Flight1:31
25.Will You Marry Me?/Just Married4:01
26.Star Trek: Voyager Bumper #1 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:07
# Pista   Duración
Music by Dennis McCarthy
1.Star Trek: Voyager Promo #1 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:34
2.Parallax #103: It's Us!*1:25
3.Punching Through/Torres3:40
4.Phage #105: Parts Is Parts4:05
5.Ex Post Facto #108: Smolderosity3:29
6.Into the Web3:18
7.LAPD Planted It1:41
8.Jetrel #115: Enola Gay/Forgiven*3:47
9.The Gift #170: The End Is Near/Final Gift/Red4:53
10.Hope and Fear #194: Montagosity1:50
11.War of the Buttons/The Rescue/Ode to Summer*4:55
12.Timeless #179: Requiem/Love's Loss4:55
13.Slipstream/Into the Ice5:17
14.Success*/From the Future4:12
15.Relativity #218: Mr. Brass/First Bridge*1:49
16.Escape/Forced Confession6:17
17.Chasing/Caught!!/Cause & Effect8:22
18.Renaissance Man #270: One Down3:00
19.Torres Redux/The Kiss2:28
20.Unexpected Help2:39
21.Last Confessions/Bury the Hatchet3:07
22.Star Trek: Voyager Bumper #2 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:07
# Pista   Duración
Music by Paul Baillargeon and David Bell
1.Star Trek: Voyager Promo #2 (Jerry Goldsmith):0:18
2.Latent Image #206 (Paul Baillargeon): Missing Scans2:03
3.Fragmented Memories/Setting the Trap4:25
4.Accusations/Restoring Doc's Memories3:24
5.Surprise Attack1:54
6.Playing G-D2:45
7.Nervous Breakdown3:54
8.Beginning to Heal1:26
9.Live Fast and Prosper #242 (Paul Baillargeon): Neelix's Tale/The Database Heist1:34
10.Still Saps3:24
11.Q2 #265 (Paul Baillargeon: 7 of 9 Au Natural/Q2 Unleashes the Borg2:13
12.Q2 Runs Away–Icheb Must Die4:54
13.Judgment Day for Jr./Jane Deflowered1:39
14.The Killing Game, Part I #186 (David Bell): Klingon Janeway Stabbed/Torres Collapses at Nazi Headquarters/Beta Shoots Neelix and 73:25
15.Kim and Doc Plan in Corridor3:03
16.Kim Hit—Jane Into Reality/Nazi HQ Blows Up7:35
17.The Killing Game Part II #187 (David Bell): Recap and Teaser/Betty Grable's Legs2:37
18.Blowing Up Sickbay/Hirogen Officer Shoots Alpha5:16
19.Final Battle Begins/Janeway's Trick–Klingons Arrive6:24
20.Flesh and Blood, Part II #254 (David Bell): How Can I Punish You?*1:19
21.Homestead #269 : Flyer Crash Lands1:41
22.Dexa and Neelix Hold Hands/Dexa and Neelix Kiss1:47
23.Implanting Emitters3:18
24.Neelix Goodbye2:40
25.Star Trek: Voyager Bumper #3 (Jerry Goldsmith)0:07
# Pista   Duración
Series Finale and Ends and Odd
1.Star Trek: Voyager Promo #3 (Jerry Goldsmith):0:13
2.Message in a Bottle #181 (Paul Baillargeon): Romulans in Charge/The Prototype Works3:01
3.Everyone's Attacking2:27
4.Holograms Save the Day/No Longer Alone3:53
5.Endgame, Part I & II #271 & 272 (Jay Chattaway)Welcome Home0:52
6.Welcome Home Future/Highrise Playon/To the Journey/ Mysterious Conversation/ Good-Bye Tuvok/Night Time Visit4:19
7.False Alarm/Third Date/Sore Loser/Possible Wormholes/Future Tuvok Upset/Doc Figures It Out/The House of Korath4:46
8.Nebula Soup1:38
9.You're Not Captain Yet/Planning the Next Date0:47
10.Admiral Jane's Trick2:31
11.One Last Time/7 Grabs Chuck/Jane Meets Jane5:01
13.Welcome Aboard/Advice From the Future/Voyager Gets Upgrade1:55
14.Queen Dream1:57
15.Admiral Ready for Borg/I'll Bet on Janeways/Nebula Surprise4:05
16.Checking Out the Hub/Private Walk and Talk/7's Death Revealed/7's Resolve/Harry's Big Speech*2:51
17.Smell the Coffee/Love Is a Risk2:32
18.The Admiral and the Queen2:21
19.The Compromise/Killing the Queen/Prepare for Invasion/End of the Game8:34
20.Endgame Bonus Tracks : A Great Slate0:10
21.Queen Dream (Alternate Take)1:56
22.Harry's Big Speech (Alternate Take)*0:53
23.SOURCE CUES: Renaissance Man #270 (Jay Chattaway): Questa o Quella (Verdi) (Vocal: Robert Picardo)0:40
24.Questa o Quella (Verdi) (Instrumental):0:40
26.Future's End Part II #151 (Jay Chattaway): Salsa Music0:36
27.Island Blues0:45
28.Soap Opera0:49
29.Jetrell #115 (Dennis McCarthy): Go to Jail (Accordion)1:03
30.Non Sequitur #122 (Jay Chattaway): Accordion Source4:55
31.Renaissance Man #270 (Jay Chattaway): Blue Danube (Strauss) (Instrumental)0:57
32.Latent Image #206 (Paul Baillargeon): Janeway's Piano4:22
33.Star Trek: Voyager End Credits-Version 2 (Jerry Goldsmith)1:03
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