Fritzi - Eine Wendewundergeschichte

22D Music 09/10/2019 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2019


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# Pista   Duración
1.Fritzi's Overture1:14
2.Fritzi and Sophie0:30
3.Why Does Anybody Want to Go There?1:01
4.Mom, Take It Easy!1:26
5.Tomorrow Is the First Day of School0:53
6.Word of Welcome0:40
7.Frau Liesegang1:31
8.A Visit to Sophie's Apartment1:00
9.The STASI0:49
10.Sophie Did Not Want to Leave2:26
11.The Travel Agency0:47
12.Nikolai Church2:19
13.Bad Encounter at the Travel Agency2:28
14.Maybe We Need a Little Help1:10
15.Wow That's Pretty Far Up!1:37
16.Sophie Misses Sputnik so Much1:01
17.It's Only for Four Days0:51
18.The Trip1:04
19.On the Way to the Wall2:01
20.The Border2:32
21.Back Home1:20
22.We Are the People0:49
23.Leave Me Alone2:03
24.Representatives What Is Your Decision1:13
25.We Have to Go to the Demonstration Mom!1:44
26.Daddy Is Back1:09
27.Fritzi & Sophie Reunited4:17
28.Fritzi's End Credits3:35
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