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The Addams Family

Lakeshore Records 11/10/2019 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2019


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Welcome To The Addams Family1:19
2.It's Creepy, It's Kooky0:58
3.Unhappy Darling?1:16
4.I Now Pronounce You Monsters1:39
5.Lurch On The Loose0:38
6.Make Yourself At Home0:35
7.What A Lovely Morning1:58
8.Wednesday's Wish0:59
9.Let The Games Begin1:24
10.Uncle Fester Arrives1:36
11.What Is Beyond The Gate?0:45
12.Margaux's Here To Help0:26
15.Opposite Of Sad1:21
16.The Addams Visit Eastfield0:23
17.Wednesday And Parker1:45
18.An Army Of Freaks1:10
19.Scented Embalming Fluid1:10
20.Eastfield Junior High0:24
21.Margaux Inflames The Townsfolk1:10
22.Give My Creatures Life!1:58
23.Gramma Brings Gifts1:27
24.Wednesday's Room0:57
25.Tea And Seance1:16
26.Pugsley Has Two Left Feet0:49
27.Wednesday Leaves Home1:50
28.Mommy's Crafting Room1:30
29.A Town Overrun1:01
30.An Addams Family Reunion0:52
31.Addams' Aren't Wanted Here1:16
32.The Hour Is Upon Us0:55
33.Mazurka Fail!1:03
34.Wednesday Crashes The Party0:59
35.Margaux Attacks1:07
36.If They're Freaks, Then So Are All Of You1:08
37.My Little Raven1:10
38.Give Us A Chance To Make It Right1:04
39.Pugsley Coronation1:05
40.Get Out!0:35
41.Addams Family ThemeHeathisHuman0:52
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