Expanded Edition Sacred Bones Glow-in-the-Dark splatter vinyl

Sacred Bones Records 18/10/2019 Vinyl - 1000 copias
Película Estreno de película: 2018


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# Pista   Duración
Side A
2.Aaron Meets Michael2:39
3.Halloween Theme3:02
4.Laurie's Theme0:44
5.Aaron and Dana Enter Laurie's Compound1:02
6.Laurie's Past1:07
7.Prison Montage2:46
8.Laurie Breaks Down1:26
9.Karen's Flashback0:00
10.Lumpy Explores Crash0:34
11.Michael Kills0:33
12.Hawkins Arrives at Crash Site1:30
13.Dana's in the Shower0:38
# Pista   Duración
Side B
1.The Story of Judith's Death0:55
2.The Gas Station1:15
3.Michael Kills Again3:45
4.Gas Station Aftermath1:03
5.The Shape Returns3:32
6.The Boogeyman1:06
7.The Shape Kills0:50
8.Hawkins Called to Babysitter's House2:09
9.Laurie Sees the Shape1:13
10.Babysitter Aftermath0:48
# Pista   Duración
Side C
1.Sartain Meets Laurie1:03
2.Looking for Allyson1:05
3.Wrought Iron Fence0:47
4.The Shape Hunts Allyson0:58
5.Talking to Cops0:32
6.Allyson Discovered1:26
7.Gun Closet1:02
8.Halloween Theme (I've Got Eyes)0:44
9.Sartain's Gone Mad2:54
10.Say Something3:02
11.Through the Woods1:06
12.Ray's Goodbye1:39
13.The Shape Attacks Laurie0:36
14.The Shape Is Monumental1:57
# Pista   Duración
Side D
1.Searching for the Shape0:48
2.Mannequin Panic0:49
3.Death Drum1:22
4.The Shape and Laurie Fight1:54
5.The Grind1:52
6.Trap the Shape2:10
7.The Shape Burns1:31
8.Halloween Triumphant7:28
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