It's such a good feeling: The Best of Mister Rogers

Omnivore Recordings 04/10/2019 CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Today Is A Very Special Day** Previously Unissued 
2.Won’t You Be My Neighbor? 
3.I Think I’m Going To Like Today** Previously Unissued 
4.Look And Listen 
5.Be Brave, Be Strong 
6.Then Your Heart Is Full Of Love 
8.You Can Never Go Down The Drain 
9.I Like To Take My Time 
10.Sometimes People Are Good 
11.You Are Special 
12.I’m Looking For A Friend** Previously Unissued 
13.Some Things I Don’t Understand 
14.The Clown In Me 
15.It’s The Style To 
16.Wear A Smile 
17.I’m Taking Care Of You 
18.It’s You I Like 
19.Once Upon Each Lovely Day* Wishes Don’t Make* Previously Unissued 
20.Things Come True 
21.You’re Growing 
22.Tree Tree Tree 
23.It’s Such A Good Feeling Tomorrow** Previously Unissued 
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