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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
2.Pakke Mit Hjerte4:04
3.The Greens2:02
6.Watchman To My Heart0:44
8.A Mark, A Hole, A Hand, A Heart, A ScarAdam Gubman featuring Christine Hals1:16
9.No Love Is Lost Love1:57
10.Courtroom Politics1:47
12.Hide the Slain1:45
13.So Sweet Breath0:32
14.Fair as a RoseAdam Gubman featuring John Robert Matz4:16
15.Twisting, Turning3:13
16.Will He Not Come Again?1:57
17.Cold, Calculated, Clever1:08
18.Wider Oceans Have Been SwamAdam Gubman featuring Caroline Granner3:05
19.Falling into Madness3:32
20.Donne the Boat BoyAdam Gubman featuring Kevin Odekirk2:39
21.Slow Cut1:16
22.My Memory Lock'd0:39
23.The Fates Sing to OpheliaAdam Gubman featuring Katelyn Isaacson3:14
24.To Murder, or Not to Murder1:51
25.Ophelia's Music Box: Wider Oceans1:08
26.Only Love1:22
27.His Sole Son1:08
28.Wishing WellAdam Gubman featuring Kevin Odekirk3:35
29.A Mirror to Nature2:04
30.Ophelia in Prayer1:26
31.Ophelia's Music Box: Twisted Love2:28
32.I Hear Voices3:02
33.Draw Them Out3:05
34.Quince, Alone0:30
35.Ophelia's Music Box: Fair as a Rose2:34
36.Wishing Well, Empty3:35
37.Empty, The Fates Sing3:14
38.A Mark, A Hole, A Hand, A Heart, A Scar, Empty1:07
39.Ophelia's Music Box: No Love Is Lost Love1:36
41.The Great Dark3:32
42.Quince, Empty1:34
43.Twisting, Turning, Strung Along0:49
44.Empty Oceans3:05
45.Fair As A Rose, Cavity4:16
46.Wider Oceans, Just A Drop2:19
47.Importun'd Me with Love0:49
48.Wishing WellAdam Gubman featuring Caroline Granner3:34
49.Donne the Boat Boy, Empty2:39
50.To Me, It's a Prison1:58
51.Lost Love, Is Love No0:32
52.Carry OnAdam Gubman featuring Elizabeth Zharoff3:59
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