Backdraft 2

Back Lot Music 10/05/2019 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Deep in the City3:06
2.Trick or Treat1:56
3.Lab Deconstruction1:19
4.Thinking Out Loud4:22
5.Long Search and Rescue7:09
6.Racing to the Scene2:03
7.Family Photos3:16
8.West Haddon Street2:29
9.Brotherly Love1:39
10.Discovery at Stockyard2:54
11.All Is Well In Chicago3:15
13.Traveling to the Station1:50
14.In a Hero’s Light1:21
15.A Fitting Farewell1:33
16.Burnt Soul2:31
17.Hearing a Faint Heartbeat4:37
18.Clues at Home1:40
19.Wading Through the Rubble2:05
21.Street Tribute1:40
22.The Final Explosion2:11
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