Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem, Vol. 1

Mira Records 05/04/2019 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Kösem Opening Theme2:23
2.Silence of the Clouds1:44
4.Time for Revenge1:29
6.The Seventh Door2:08
7.Axis of War (Part 1)1:20
8.Axis of War (Part 2)1:54
9.Wounded Bird (Strings Version)1:30
10.Bir Gün3:22
12.Mystic Lullaby2:30
13.Hidden (Part 1)1:32
14.Hidden (Part 2)1:38
15.Echoes of Eternity2:43
16.Storm Riders1:10
17.Shadow of the Moon (Strings Version)2:09
18.This Is Goodbye2:57
19.Talismanic Shirt1:51
20.Palace of Tears1:48
21.Road to Neverland1:35
22.Escape Plan (Part 1)1:05
23.Escape Plan (Part 2)1:21
24.Voice of the Past1:55
25.Wounded Bird1:29
26.Without a Single Word (Strings Version)1:21
27.The Longest Night2:26
28.A Mysterious Portrait1:20
29.Riding to Victory1:56
30.Nanourisma (Instrumental)3:25
31.Path of Destiny1:22
32.Love Confession3:06
33.Silence of the Clouds (Cello Version)1:31
34.Invisible Scars2:41
35.The Janissaries1:17
36.Mystic Lullaby (Reed Version)0:47
37.Sun After Rain1:31
38.Without a Single Word1:39
39.In the Labyrinth1:44
40.Behind the Doors1:56
41.The Sun Will Rise Again1:05
45.Power Struggle1:26
46.Tower of Justice0:40
47.Blood Moon1:38
48.Shadow of the Moon2:10
49.Under Siege1:06
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