Ittefaq - Official Orchestral Score Album

KSS3TE Recordings 08/03/2019 CD (0808798401821)


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# Pista   Duración
1.ITTEFAQ Theme Suite 
2.Vikram, Katherine, Maya Theme 
4.Prologue Chase 
5.Night Market Arrest 
6.The Crime Scene 
7.A Murderer Loose 
8.Discovering Katherine’s Body 
9.Vikram’s Great Escape 
10.Into the Apartment 
11.Maya’s Story 
12.End of a Life 
13.Investigation Theme Suite 
14.The Faulty Light 
16.Two Sides of the Story 
18.The Aftermath 
19.Was it Maya? 
20.Is it Vikram? 
21.The Video Argument 
22.The Accused 
23.Maya’s Theme Suite 
24.Truth in Photos 
25.Dev’s Suspicion 
26.Vikram Finishes the Story 
27.The Two Brothers Theme 
29.The Peak 
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