The Innocent Man

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# Pista   Duración
1.A Knock at the Door2:12
2.Memories of Debbie1:50
3.Don't Look For Us Or Else2:40
4.No Rhyme or Reason1:01
5.They Took the Girl2:53
6.Easy Enough to Prove2:16
7.The Innocent Man5:07
8.Raising Hell3:37
9.A Frightening Thing1:11
10.A Fair Trial1:48
11.I Think I Killed Her2:09
12.Pretty Good Evidence2:30
13.I Can't Represent Him1:19
14.Release Them2:45
15.The Burning Shack1:42
16.Tommy's Dream1:24
17.Memory Test1:46
18.Not a Coincidence1:59
19.A Crime Revisited1:43
20.A Dog with a Bone1:22
21.Practically All My Life1:44
22.Life Without Parole1:12
23.Dangerous Weapon2:02
24.What Her Voice Was Like2:01
25.Billy Charley3:07
26.Years Behind Bars1:49
27.Blast Wide Open2:04
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