The West Wing

Varèse Sarabande 18/01/2019 CD (0888072076723)


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# Pista   Duración
1.We Begin0:11
2.The Aftermath2:22
3.One Down in Gaza3:44
4.Leo Has to Go2:18
5.Ways and Means2:05
6.Leo's Lament3:17
7.Two Cathedrals2:25
8.No Exit2:02
9.Donna and the Delegation2:54
10.The 14th Amendment1:54
11.Halls of the White House2:24
12.Walking the West Wing3:54
13.The First Commandment1:19
14.The Oval Office to Main Title3:52
15.Retaliatory Strikes3:20
17.Camp David1:41
18.Proportional Response3:50
19.24-Hr Deadline2:38
20.Charlie in the Oval Office1:30
21.Mrs. Landingham2:05
22.One of Three3:08
23.Presidential Proclamation2:18
25.Jefferson Lives2:04
26.Strike Immediately1:59
27.Super Tuesday2:27
28.Alternate Options1:50
29.The Nomination1:51
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