Silva Screen Records 07/12/2018 Descarga
Silva Screen Records 07/12/2018 CD (0738572158224)


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Shadow Kin 
2.Quill's Got a Gun 
4.Death Awaits Us 
5.The Doctor Will See You Now 
7.Time Has Looked At Your Faces 
8.Night Music 
9.The Cabinet of Souls 
10.Back To School 
11.Once Upon A Time In The Classroom 
12.Chasing The Dragon 
13.Dragon Attack 
15.Strands From The Rift 
16.April's Past 
17.Gathering Strength 
18.Here She Comes in a Ruddy Great Bus 
19.Heavy Petal 
20.To Share a Heart 
23.Rise To Power 
24.First Steps 
26.Angry Enough To Kill 
27.Charlie's Angry, Charlie's Winning 
28.Planet Of The Arn 
29.All Species Say That 
30.This Form I Wear 
31.Quill Vs Lore 
32.I Am War Itself 
33.The Lost 
34.Charlie Laying Down The Law 
35.We Are Academics 
36.Fight Music 
37.Finding Courage 
38.If They Die April Dies 
39.This Is The One You Will Not Tolerate 
40.Fight Till Your Last Breath 
41.Souls Released 
42.Governors Revealed 
43.Class Credits 
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