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The Deluxe Edition

Varèse Sarabande Club 22/10/2018 CD - 5000 copias (888072070073)
Película Estreno de película: 1979


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# Pista   Duración
The Film Score
1.Main Title & Storm Sequence (Film Version)5:19
2.Meeting in the Cave3:32
3.A Quick Change1:32
4.Dracula Appears0:56
5.Casting a Spell and The Visitation4:35
6.Give Me Your Loyalty1:23
7.Jonathan Pays a Call3:05
8.For Mina2:23
9.. The Dining Room1:24
10.First Kiss2:08
11.Dracula Meets Van Helsing2:44
12.Grave Trampling and The Asylum1:14
13.Night Journeys (Film Version)5:20
14.Mina Impaled1:47
15.Van Helsing Confronts Dracula3:16
16.Van Helsing's Solution3:07
17.Into the Crypt2:20
18.The Attack1:25
19.The Night Visitor2:17
20.Waiting for Dracula2:32
21.The Capture of Lucy3:04
22.To Scarborough (Film Version)2:48
23.Dracula's Death (Extended Version)4:04
24.End Titles3:32
Additional Music
25.Main Title & Storm Sequence (Alternate)2:01
26.The Love Scene (Extended Version)4:40
# Pista   Duración
The 1979 Soundtrack Album
1.Main Title & Storm Sequence5:11
2.The Night Visitor2:16
3.To Scarborough2:43
4.The Abduction of Lucy3:37
5.Night Journeys5:12
6.The Love Scene2:09
7.Meeting in the Cave3:34
8.The Bat Attack2:52
9.For Mina2:16
10.Dracula's Death3:00
11.End Titles3:31
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