The Girl In The Spider's Web

Sony Classical 26/10/2018 Descarga
Sony Classical 26/10/2018 CD (190758979328)
Película Estreno de película: 2018


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# Pista   Duración
1.Prologue–Lisbeth's Childhood 
2.Main Title–The Birth of a Dragon 
3.Lisbeth's Lair 
4.You Have a Sister 
5.NSA Attack 
6.Lisbeth Tries Firefall 
7.Nightmare / Home Invasion 
8.Motorcycle Chase 
9.Elevators Meeting 
10.Needham Arrival 
11.Wounded Tattoo 
12.Balder's Apartment 
13.Tattoo Looking Glass 
14.Balder Shot 
15.Lisbeth Drugged 
16.Chasing August 
17.Drawbridge Encounter 
18.August & Lisbeth Plays Chess 
19.Firefall Answer 
20.Airport Needham Free 
21.Family Home 
22.Lisbeth Goes In 
23.Invading Family Home 
24.Masks Fight 
25.Vacuum Bag 
26.Remote Fire 
27.You Can't Blame Me 
28.Burning the Past 
29.Lisbeth's Theme (Steve Lipson Plays) (Stephen Lipson) 
30.Lisbeth's Theme (Fede Alvarez Plays) (Fede Alvarez) 
31.Camila's Theme (Roque Baños Plays) 
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