(影, Yǐng)

Milan Records 05/10/2018 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2018


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# Pista   Duración
2.Madam's Performance0:51
3.Mother's Been Found0:57
4.Jing And Madam Practice A Duet1:08
5.The Lamp Lit All Night1:07
6.Jing Fails Round Three0:37
7.The King's Calligraphy1:24
8.Scheming In The Secret Chamber1:01
9.Jing And Madam Win Round Three1:04
10.Playing The Flute In The Bamboo Forest1:01
11.Secretly Watching The Bedchamber1:46
12.Perfect Harmony3:28
13.Mother's Been Murdered1:04
14.Humbly Reporting To The King2:37
15.Welcoming The Commander1:17
16.The Commander Takes His Seat2:23
17.Madam Gazes At Jing0:29
18.Picking Up The Mask1:22
19.Bloodstains on Embroidered Silk1:17
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