Longshot: Homecoming

EA Music 10/08/2018 Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Father Visits0:37
2.There Ain’t No Easy Glory2:08
3.Devin’s First Play1:01
4.Devin’s Second Play0:31
5.Colt’s Sister0:58
6.Not Your Decision, My Decision1:13
7.Colt and Coach0:57
8.Devin and Coach on Flight1:01
9.And Now I Play1:12
10.You’re My Favorite Bullfrog2:01
11.Coach Speech2:52
12.Devin Switches Play1:16
13.Colt Asks Lo to Join0:37
14.Colt Gets the Call1:02
15.Devin Signed1:14
16.Coach in Hospital4:20
17.Leaving Lo1:25
18.Colt’s Dolphins Tryout1:36
19.Colt Doesn’t Make It1:00
20.Colt’s Pre Game Speech1:27
21.Passing the Torch0:53
22.Colt Becomes Coach4:20
23.Would You Like Some Lemonade?2:59
24.Coach Cower Speech3:04
25.Post-Game Colt Speech0:41
26.Only an Hour Left1:56
27.Fundraising Success3:34
28.Colt & Devin Say Goodbye0:29
30.Auld Lang Syne0:45
31.Colt’s Championship Game1:11
32.Bullfrogs vs Beeville1:06
33.Colt’s High School 7 on 71:18
34.Bullfrog’s Game 1 vs Bloomington1:20
35.Bullfrog’s Game 3 vs Rancho Banquete1:07
36.Colt’s Dolphins Tryouts1:09
37.Bullfrog’s vs Skidmore1:14
38.Colt’s Dolphins Game1:26
39.Devin’s Training Camp Practice1:04
40.Devin’s Night Practice1:17
41.Devin’s Training Camp Scrimmage2:22
42.Devin’s Preseason Week One1:46
43.Devin’s Preseason Week Two1:40
44.Devin’s Preseason Practice1:28
45.Devin’s First NFL Start1:28
46.Devin’s NFL Season Week 101:24
47.Finally HereRuthie Collins3:55
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