Jellybean Records (0713117801728)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 22/10/2002 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
1.Opening Trumpet0:21
4.Mickey's Drunk1:14
5.Mickey and Whitey Dance0:24
6.The Fat F**k0:48
7.Post Kidney Threat1:52
9.One-Armed Homer2:18
10.On the Bust1:33
11.Hate Mail0:46
12.Pillow Talk2:47
13.Hair and Hip0:49
14.Out of the Race2:37
15.Roger Hits #591:39
16.Every Pitch Could Be the One1:38
17.The Knuckleball3:24
18.Take Me Out to the Ballgame1:05
20.Roger Wants #611:21
21.Holy Cow2:59
22.Locker Room1:25
23.McGwire Hug1:08
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Soundtracks de la colección: HBO Films & Series

Something the Lord Made (2008)
Citizen X (1995)
John Adams (2008)
Treme (2010)
Sopranos, The (2001)
Special Relationship, The (2010)
Pacific, The (2010)
Tuskegee Airmen, The (1995)
Too Big to Fail (2011)
Rome (2007)

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