The Domestics

Sony Classical 22/06/2018 CD
Sony Classical 22/06/2018 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2018


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Reset Button2:46
2.Shitty Ass Day0:41
3.The Garage2:28
5.Miss Milwaukee, This is Eagle1:28
6.Goodnight, Markus0:33
7.They Seemed Nice3:04
8.They’re Coming2:52
9.Stabbed in the Face1:31
10.Meet Nathan Wood2:05
11.Grocery Store Nailers0:49
12.Meet the Plowboys2:53
13.Being Watched (Stinger)0:19
14.Mystery Meat4:05
15.The Overpass/Nathan’s Revenge/Betsy the Cherry3:16
16.Go Big or Go Home4:19
17.Vinyl Discovery1:08
18.It’s Over1:16
19.The Ring0:40
20.Welcome to the Wrenhaus2:27
21.Snake Eyes Suite6:13
22.The ’55 Chev1:14
25.Suburban Shootout6:53
26.I’ll Handle This Bitch0:43
27.Bloody Footprints1:07
28.I Love You, Markus1:02
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