Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

Materia Collective 16/03/2018 Descarga
Soundtrack de videojuego Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Maker of Worlds 
2.Heartland's Sigh 
3.Fated Lands 
5.Kynareth's Wish 
6.Lost Glory 
7.Ode to a Dynasty 
8.Of Storms and Half-light 
9.These Verdant Fields 
10.Lorkhan's Footsteps 
11.Moon and Scars 
13.Wilder Hearts 
14.So Blind and in Terror 
15.The Sleeping Sky 
16.Nox AtraDaniel Ran featuring Voices of Heaven Gospel Choir and The Rising Sound 
18.DignityJoão Guerra 
19.Widow's Lament 
20.The Concordat EffectJoão Guerra 
21.One More DayDaniel Ran and João Guerra 
22.Watchman's LegacyDaniel Ran and João Guerra 
24.All That Remains 
26.Familiar Faces 
27.Last of the Guard 
28.Arcana Magicae 
29.Foreign Foe 
30.Northern Cry 
31.The Brigands of Blackwood 
32.Mortal Wound 
33.Blood Frenzy 
34.Hold Fast (Be Brave, Don't Die) 
35.To Fell an Ogre 
36.Arch Henchman 
37.Master of Fate 
38.By Death or Dream 
39.Stories from the HearthDaniel Ran and João Guerra 
40.The Empty Chair 
41.Honour Amongst Patrons 
42.Drinks for Dogs 
43.The Storm Will Carry Us Home (Bard Song)Daniel Ran featuring João Guerra 
44.Fades Away (Bard Song)Daniel Ran featuring João Guerra 
45.Bless Me, Oh Fallen One (Bard Song)Daniel Ran featuring João Guerra 
46.Melvin of Skingrad (Bard Song)Daniel Ran featuring João Guerra 
47.Hero of a Song (Bard Song)Daniel Ran featuring João Guerra 
48.Everyone's Throne (Bard Song)Daniel Ran featuring João Guerra 
49.A Wet Grave 
50.Moving Earth 
51.Signs of Life 
52.The Vile and the Infamous 
53.War Machine 
54.Barrels, Blood and Bone 
55.The Toll of Fate 
56.Diaspora Nenalata 
57.They Left Me in Here 
58.Dark Places 
59.Unwelcome Guest 
60.Creeps and Critters 
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