Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection

La-La Land Records 14/02/2018 CD - 3000 copias
Serie de TV/Telefilme Estreno de película: 1992


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# Pista   Duración
When She Was Bad (Christophe Beck)
2.Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme1:04
3.Buffy Saves Friends4:19
4.Smashing The Bones1:20
Inca Mummy Girl (Christophe Beck)
5.Ampata’s Kiss1:32
The Dark Age (Christophe Beck)
6.Philip Asks For Giles1:21
Ted (Christophe Beck)
7.She’ll Come Around2:40
8.I Hit Him2:27
9.Ted Attacks Buffy2:21
Bad Eggs (Shawn Clement And Sean Murray)
10.Cordelia’s Bear1:41
Surprise (Christophe Beck)
11.This Is Nice1:36
12.Buffy Meets Judge2:51
Innocence (Christophe Beck)
13.Yesterday On Buffy0:43
14.Spike My Boy2:43
15.Get Out2:32
Phases (Shawn Clement And Sean Murray)
16.Meeting Cain0:40
17.Werewolf Crashes Party1:33
18.Cain Prepares1:13
19.The Chase4:09
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Christophe Beck)
20.You’re So Sweet0:47
Passion (Christophe Beck)
21.Angel Waits1:41
22.Remembering Jenny1:49
Performed By Anthony Stewart Head I Only Have Eyes For You (Christophe Beck)
23.Love Is Forever1:15
Becoming, Part 1 (Christophe Beck)
24.Show Me Your World2:32
25.Devil Child1:16
27.As Angel Becomes1:55
Becoming, Part 2 (Christophe Beck)
29.Waking Willow2:04
30.Vision Of Jenny2:40
31.Close Your Eyes2:50
Anne (Christophe Beck)
Band Candy (Christophe Beck)
33.Tai Chi1:09
34.Sugar High1:40
Lovers Walk (Christophe Beck)
35.Loneliness Of Six1:50
The Wish (Christophe Beck)
36.Bizarro Sunnydale2:02
37.Blood Machine2:31
38.Slayer’s Elegy1:48
# Pista   Duración
Amends (Christophe Beck)
1.Dublin 1938 / Dreaming Of / Magic Snow Music6:24
Helpless (Christophe Beck)
2.Betrayal / Kralik’s House / A Father’s Love6:49
The Zeppo (Christophe Beck)
3.Dead Guys With Bombs3:10
Doppelgangland (Christophe Beck)
4.Alt. Willow3:33
Choices (Christophe Beck)
5.Into The Mayor’s Lair3:18
The Prom (Christophe Beck)
6.Dearly Beloved / Beginning Of The End / Class Protector5:33
Graduation Day, Part 1 (Christophe Beck)
7.Poison Arrow / Faith’s End5:29
Graduation Day, Part 2 (Christophe Beck)
8.Aftermath / Drink Me / Little Miss Muffet / War / One Last Moment8:31
Fear Itself (Christophe Beck)
Hush (Christophe Beck)
10.Demon Got Your Tongue2:35
11.Golf Claps1:17
12.Silent Night / First Kiss / Enter The Gentlemen / Schism6:52
13.The Princess Screams3:59
A New Man (Christophe Beck)
14.Fyarl In The Morning1:51
This Year’s Girl (Christophe Beck)
15.From The Grave1:51
Who Are You (Christophe Beck)
Restless (Christophe Beck)
17.Body Paint1:37
18.A Really Big Sandbox1:16
20.Willow’s Nightmare / First Rage / Chain Of Ancients5:02
21.Xander’s Nightmare1:48
# Pista   Duración
Buffy Vs. Dracula (Thomas Wander)
1.Dracula’s Power / Opening / Buffy Fights Dracula / Dracula Bites Buffy4:35
Fool For Love (Thomas Wander)
2.The Chinese Slayer2:07
Shadow (Thomas Wander)
3.Love Montage2:10
Into The Woods (Thomas Wander)
4.Riley’s Departure2:26
Forever (Thomas Wander)
5.The Funeral2:53
Tough Love (Thomas Wander)
7.Tara And Willow Argue2:06
8.They’ll Take Dawn Away2:07
9.Glory Brainsucks Tara1:18
10.Spike Talks To Dawn2:52
11.Darkest Magick0:45
12.Willow Attacks Glory6:57
The Weight Of The World (Thomas Wander)
14.Willow Takes Control1:29
15.Willow Helps Buffy1:30
16.Spike At Glory’s3:12
17.Buffy Holds Baby Dawn1:21
The Gift (Christophe Beck)
19.Oh God, My Leg1:06
20.The Construction2:23
21.Xander’s Proposal1:25
22.Spike’s Love1:44
23.Buffy Confronts Glory2:13
24.Buffy Fights Glory2:41
25.More Fighting3:15
26.Buffy Dies9:04
Grave (Thomas Wander)
27.Xander Saves The World3:18
Dirty Girls (Robert Duncan)
29.The War Begins2:45
30.A Bloody Battle4:06
# Pista   Duración
End Of Days (Robert Duncan)
1.Recap / The Scythe1:32
2.Escape The Wreckage3:33
3.Buffy Saves The Girls1:43
4.The Wounded1:26
5.Xander Grabs Dawn2:09
6.Faith The Loner1:04
7.Spike And Buffy2:15
8.Angel Arrives3:47
Chosen (Robert Duncan)
9.Recap / Angel And Buffy Kiss1:38
10.Finishing Off Caleb0:52
11.Angel Leaves2:17
12.The Necklace1:18
13.The First Visits Buffy2:57
14.Buffy’s Plan0:32
15.The Chosen1:17
16.Willow And Kennedy1:11
17.The Night Before / Off To War Part 1 / The Old Gang / Off To War Part 24:58
18.The Last Battle4:37
19.The War Against Evil10:03
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1992 Feature Film Score (Carter Burwell)
20.The Dark Ages0:48
21.Merrick Is Revealed0:27
22.Dark Ages Reprised1:09
23.Lothos’ Chambers0:37
24.Buffy Believes Merrick1:12
25.Graveyard Attack1:14
26.Buffy’s Dream1:05
27.Cassandra In Lothos’ Chamber0:38
28.Pike Leaves Town / The Alley1:02
29.Buffy And Merrick Bonding2:25
30.Vampire’s Return0:44
31.Buffy And Pike / Lothos1:46
32.Vampire Basketball Player2:37
33.Pasadena Floats / Lothos At Floatyard3:50
34.Friends Leave Buffy0:23
35.Lothos’ Death2:01
37.Buffy The Vampire Slayer End Credits0:20
38.Grr Arrgh / Fox Logo0:06
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