The Long Road Home
Limited Edition Series

Varèse Sarabande 08/01/2018 CD - 500 copias (030206424027)


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Mission3:17
2.The Long Road Home1:32
3.Israel & Lupita0:54
4.The Ambush Begins10:02
5.Last Rites for Chen4:05
6.Riddell's First Kill2:00
7.Leann & Gary Volesky1:18
8.Just a Boy1:48
10.The Rescue Begins4:30
11.Narrow Streets0:52
12.Start Making Calls2:36
13.It's Too Late1:43
14.A Gathering Of Ravens2:10
16.Kids Moved Forward0:39
17.Darkest Hour6:11
18.Young In Iraq6:32
# Pista   Duración
1.You Can Tell Them2:41
2.Rescue Misses1:59
3.Eric Enlists4:25
4.Miltenberger's Ghost2:21
5.Crying Doesn't Help3:38
6.Finding The Soldiers5:09
7.Here We Go1:28
8.Dreaming of Coming Home5:58
10.A Thousand Steps1:45
11.Dream Of Me2:03
12.Another Mission2:11
13.Roll Call Of The Dead2:18
14.Taps End Credits0:59
15.Brothers In Arms1:33
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