Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

9TH 13/12/2017 CD (4988104102768)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Block Scholars Feat.Hybrid Thoughts 
2.Poup E Es Vaudoux Feat.Banda Magda 
3.A Queen Of The Night Feat.Bilal 
4.Eternalism Feat.Oh My Girl 
5.Slice And Dice Feat.Bose(スチャダラパー) 
6.La Vie D’une Femme Feat.Pauline 
7.White Beyond(白い闇の隣) Feat.Sari 
8.Easy Things Feat.Takuya Kuroda 
9.Can You Feel It Feat.Saucy Lady 
10.Pebble Walts 
11.Ghadi Tji(You’ll Be Here) Feat.Oum 
12.A Queen Of The Night (Reprise) Feat.Bigyuki 
13.Gill Breathing Blues Feat.Ashwin Shenoy 
14.Rhapsody In Blue 
15.Tortoise Knight Feat.Ai Ninomiya 
16.A Queen Of The Night -Dj Mitsu The Beats Remix 
# Pista   Duración
1.Dare To Say 
2.Space Jam Feat.Takuya Kuroda 
7.Minor Doll Feat.Takuya Kuroda 
8.Pebble Walts (Reprise) 
10.Determine On 
11.If You Want Me 
13.A Sprout 
14.The Great Collapse 
15.Trail Tales 
16.Ever So Tenderly 
17.Poup e es Vaudoux -molmol DUB 
18.Fake town baby (TV size) 
19.ステップアップLOVE (TV size) 
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