Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Sony Classical 15/12/2017 Descarga
Sony Classical 22/12/2017 CD (0889854727420)
Película Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Jumanji Overture3:20
2.Digging Up The Past1:43
3.Brantfort High1:09
4.Into The Jungle1:23
5.Out Of Character2:31
6.The Legend Of The Jewel2:23
7.The Adventure Begins1:40
8.Special Abilities1:16
9.The Bikers3:44
10.Van Pelt1:00
11.A Test Of Friendship1:22
12.The Bazaar1:16
13.Snake Charmer3:41
14.The Power Of Bravestone1:04
15.Seaplane McDonough2:17
16.The Missing Piece1:46
17.Lost In Time1:18
18.Flirting With Danger1:36
19.Albino Rhinos3:44
20.Retrieving The Emerald1:54
21.Out Of Lives1:49
22.First Kiss1:22
23.The Jaguars3:03
24.Ring Of Fire2:07
25.Begin The Climb1:56
26.Call Out Its Name2:23
27.Leaving Jumanji3:03
28.An Older Friend2:40
29.Back To School1:53
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