Orgel Masterpiece Film Music Collection - Some Day My Prince Will Come

ocha 14/11/2017 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Some Day My Prince Will Come (Orgel)2:27
2.I'm Wishing (Orgel)2:00
3.Heigh-Ho (Orgel)2:40
4.Alice In Wonderland (Orgel)2:02
5.In A World Of My Own (Orgel)1:50
6.La La Lu (Orgel)2:58
7.Bella Notte (Orgel)2:47
8.The Aristocats (Orgel)1:50
9.Peter and the Wolf (Orgel)1:13
10.Once Upon a Dream (Orgel)2:49
11.Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Orgel)2:59
12.A Whole New World (Orgel)4:01
13.Let It Go (Orgel)4:17
14.For The First Time In Forever (Orgel)3:40
15.Do you want to build a snowman (Orgel)2:37
16.Part of Your World (Orgel)3:15
17.Under the Sea (Orgel)3:19
18.You've Got a Friend in Me (Orgel)3:47
19.So Close (Orgel)3:16
20.If I Didn't Have You (Orgel)4:37
21.Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Orgel)3:58
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