The Man Who Invented Christmas

Universal Music France Digital Only 17/11/2017 Descarga
Decca Gold 17/11/2017 CD (0680889094330)
Película Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista   Duración
1.Curtain Up1:37
2.Three Flops Later1:21
3.Do The Needful1:21
4.Damned Expensive Being A Gentleman0:49
5.Charlie And The Necromancer1:16
6.Are There No Workhouses?1:14
8.Only 6 Weeks0:53
9.You Wish To Borrow More?1:05
10.Scrooge Appears1:51
12.Lighten The Burden Of Another0:42
13.Ghost Of Christmas Past2:02
14.The Second Ghost1:39
15.Well, It's Forster0:44
16.Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come2:53
17.Time You Went Back To Devon, Father1:12
18.Still Don't Have An Ending2:06
19.Than Your Own Flesh And Blood4:47
20.Whose Grave Is That?2:13
21.The Final Chapter1:35
22.A Gift From Your Father1:12
23.Who's Going To Carve The Turkey?2:08
24.Exactly As I Had Imagined1:02
25.The Germans Call It A Tannenbaum1:00
26.In The Season Of Hope3:01
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