Planet of the Apes

La-La Land Records (826924119327)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 14/02/2012 | Estreno de película: 2001 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 3500 copias


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# Pista   Duración
The Film Score
1.Main Titles (film version)3:53
2.Deep Space Launch / Space Station / Power Outage2:36
3.Thumbs Up / Trouble5:57
4.Pod Escape / New World / The Hunt4:13
5.Ape City2:13
6.A Look / Unloading /Thade's Inspection / Ari Watches / The Branding3:44
7.Ari Buys a Pet1:24
8.Leo Wants Out / Dental Exam2:12
9.Thade's Desire1:35
10.The Dirty Deed1:54
11.The Escape3:39
12.Trust / Escape3:32
13.In the Forest /Into the Pond / The Messenger2:29
14.Unused / Thade Gets His Way / Ari Connects3:49
15.The Story3:00
16.Scarecrow Stinger / The Camp / Raid5:20
17.Thade Goes Ape2:42
19.The Army Approaches3:03
20.Thade's Tent2:10
22.Preparing for Battle3:51
# Pista   Duración
The Film Score (cont'd)
1.The Charge4:44
2.The Final Confrontation Landing / Showdown8:34
3.The Aftermath / Thade's Suite7:31
4.Ape Suite #14:59
5.Ape Suite #22:36
6.Rule The Planet Remix4:09
Bonus Tracks
7.Thumbs Up / Trouble (alternate mix)5:57
8.New World / The Hunt (alternate mix)3:20
9.Dental Exam (alternate mix)1:21
10.The Dirty Deed (alternate mix)1:54
11.The Story (alternate mix)2:59
12.Preparing for Battle (alternate)3:35
13.The Final Confrontation (alternate mix)7:14
14.The Aftermath / Thade's Suite (unedited)7:32
15.Camp Raid (percussion only)4:08
16.Rule The Planet (overlay)3:01
17.Source Music Montage (Band Source, Trendy Source, Jazzy Source, Calliope Source, Rave Source)2:54
18.Dinner Source1:40
# Pista   Duración
The 2001 Soundtrack Album
1.Main Titles3:49
2.Ape Suite #13:52
3.Deep Space Launch4:35
4.The Hunt4:58
5.Branding The Herd0:48
6.The Dirty Deed2:27
7.Escape From Ape City/The Legend5:57
8.Ape Suite #22:42
9.Old Flames2:10
10.Thade Goes Ape2:37
11.Preparing For Battle3:26
12.The Battle Begins5:17
13.The Return7:18
14.Main Title Deconstruction4:22
15.Rule The Planet Remix (Remix by Paul Oakenfold)4:03
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La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Sony Music present the remastered and expanded version of acclaimed composer Danny Elfman's (BATMAN, BATMAN RETURNS, MARS ATTACKS!, WANTED, ALICE IN WONDERLAND) thunderous original score to Twentieth Century Fox's 2001 blockbuster sci-fi adventure PLANET OF THE APES, starring Mark Wahlberg, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Clarke Duncan, and directed by Tim Burton. The now legendary pairing of director Tim Burton and Danny Elfman again yields an immensely creative and complex film score that melds orchestra, percussion and electronics to enrich the film's subtext and characters, all the while propelling its large-scale action. Featuring OVER 212 MINUTES of music, this comprehensive 3-CD SET set is the definitive release of Elfman's APES score-Discs One and Two contain the film version of the score, with source cues and alternates, while Disc Three features the original 2001 soundtrack album assembly, including the RULE THE PLANET remix by Paul Oakenfold. Produced by Nick Redman, restored by Mike Matessino and edited and mastered by Daniel Hersch at d2 Mastering, this significantly expanded limited edition release of 3500 units also features exclusive liner notes by film music writer Jeff Bond.

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