Final Judgement / The Terror Within II

Howlin' Wolf Records 17/11/2017 CD (700261461274)


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# Pista   Duración
Final Judgement
1.Main Titles1:34
2.Unnamed Messenger2:13
3.Evil Steps off the Canvas1:26
4.Midnight on the Run1:36
5.Love from the Unexpected2:57
6.On a Dark Street Nightly1:24
7.A Priest and a Muderer1:28
8.From Behind Comes Trouble1:10
9.Murder on a Lonely Road2:20
10.When Darkness Comes1:37
11.Innocence Knows No Danger0:51
12.Bakersfield Is Where Mother Lives1:28
13.Murder on Holy Ground1:09
15.A Fight to the Death1:55
16.Resolution & End Credits1:34
The Terror Within II
17.Main Titles4:00
18.Cara's Death1:43
19.David and Ariel in the Desert2:16
20.A Desert Waiting2:46
21.Mutant Breach1:09
22.Mutant Impregnation3:57
23.Lost in the Face Off1:15
24.Lusus Attacks2:34
25.David and Ariel in Love2:33
26.The Reckoning1:54
27.The Search1:56
28.A Child's Desire0:49
29.Mutant Ecstacy1:07
30.Attack from Above1:06
31.The Trip Back1:21
32.The Colony0:28
33.David and Ariel & End Credits3:18
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Final Judgement (1992)

The Terror Within II (1991)


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Final Judgement / Stepmonster / The Terror Within II (1994)

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