Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Madison Gate Records (0043396348387)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 14/02/2012 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Maybe You've Heard Of Me2:01
2.On The Road2:06
3.The Order Under Attack1:20
4.Danny Escapes / Car Chase1:29
5.Moreau Meets Blaze1:04
6.We Will Lift Your Curse0:52
7.Bad People Only / Thunder and Lightning1:13
8.Night Car Chase1:09
9.Pulled From The Car1:51
10.Ghost Rider Arrives4:00
11.At The Hospital / We've Got Danny3:02
12.Tell Me Why I Can Trust You2:53
13.Her Story1:09
14.Who Can Tell Us0:57
15.Danny Crashes Truck / Take The Van1:25
16.I'm Not Afraid of You1:01
17.Johnny Tries to Contain Ghost Rider0:28
18.Arrive at The Quarry1:20
19.Rescue Danny From the Quarry1:20
20.Well...Um...Kill It!0:32
21.Guns And The Bagger3:24
22.He is Coming / Let Her Go1:32
23.You're Not Done0:15
24.The Power Of Decay2:13
25.You're Safe Here1:57
26.The Wine Cellar2:00
27.You Must Confess0:45
28.The Exorcism0:59
29.It Worked / Lied To1:33
30.Kill The Boy2:22
31.Van Arrives To Meet Dad0:36
32.Meet Dad1:23
33.They'll Be Afraid Of You1:58
34.Danny is The One Good Thing0:50
35.The Ritual Begins3:13
36.Darkness And Decay2:56
37.Bring Back Ghost Rider1:45
38.Chase Down The Devil4:37
39.Send The Devil Back To Hell1:36
40.The Angel, I Can Feel Him1:55
41.Ghost Rider Theme2:17
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