The Flash: Season 3

La-La Land Records 13/10/2017 CD - 3000 copias (0826924144220)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Rival Attacks Kid Flash1:21
2.Asking Him to Kill2:36
3.Showdown at the Sawmill2:18
4.Problems With Flashpoint2:09
5.Jumpstart Your Powers1:47
6.Training Jessie1:27
7.H. R. Wells2:28
9.Wanted to Be a Scientist2:46
10.Confronting Alchemy / Meeting Savitar3:14
11.Best Team-Up Ever / Things Got Worse3:39
13.Watching Iris Die1:25
14.I Ran to the Future2:00
15.Barry Tells Iris Her Fate3:03
16.Not Vibing With Gypsy3:17
17.Attack on Gorilla City4:16
18.Not Afraid to Die2:58
19.Grodd Fights Solovar1:52
20.The Wrath of Savitar2:48
21.Jay Sacrifices for Wally2:12
22.Abra Kadabra Is No Help2:49
23.Killer Frost3:44
24.The Real Savitar3:10
25.Infantino Street3:19
26.Traded Places5:16
27.Barry’s Sacrifice4:18
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