Tokyo Ghoul

Milan Records 13/10/2017 Descarga
Milan Records 20/10/2017 CD (0731383691126)
Película Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista   Duración
1.Tokyo Ghoul Main Title 
2.My Mother The Corpse 
3.Mado And Amon 
4.Ghoul Discussion 
5.Eating Human Flesh 
6.Touka And The Trash 
7.Yoshimura’s Meat Dispensary 
8.Hunger For Hide 
9.Kaneki’s Despair 
11.Hinami Eating Flesh 
12.The Mask Shop Mambo 
13.Pre-Teen Lust 
14.Clouds Of Destiny 
15.Ryoko’s Head 
16.Touka And Yomo’s Cognitive Dissonance 
17.The Surprise Of The Rabbit 
18.Grieving Ghouls And Hominids Too 
19.The Kaneki Metamorphosis 
20.My Mother’s Arm 
21.SUV Upside Down 
22.Amon Amongst Friends 
23.Hoist By His Own Quinke 
24.Anger Unlimited 
25.Sewer Side 
26.The Yoshimura Yawn 
27.To Infinity And Beyond 
28.Hear You (Tokyo Ghoul Main Title Remix) 
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Tokyo Ghoul (2017)

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