The Karate Kid / The Next Karate Kid

Bootleg 2016 CD (8881819842010)


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# Pista   Duración
The Karate Kid by James Horner
1.Leaving Detroit2:55
2.Caretaker Search1:28
3.The Playground1:40
4.Lunchroom Chat1:19
5.Kung Fu School1:17
6.Mixed Emotions1:52
7.The Forbidden City2:33
8.Case and Confrontation3:32
9.Backstreat Brawl1:37
10.The Healing1:24
11.Jacket Excercise1:23
12.Gifts for the Girl1:31
13.Watching the Show1:58
14.Physical Realization Begins2:31
15.On the Train1:27
16.Cab Ride0:31
17.Ascending the Mountain1:41
18.Mountain Castle0:52
19.The Lady and the Snake1:12
20.Dragon Well Philosophy1:54
21.Riverside Practice1:05
22.Montage of Moments1:19
23.Back in Training6:38
24.Present and Apology3:04
25.Foul Play Instruction2:01
26.Medical Care Room2:25
The Next Karate Kid by Bill Conti
28.Beach Party Fight1:57
29.Bike Bump and Bump1:34
30.The Bike is Fixed0:54
31.Balloons & Pumpkins0:39
32.Kiss and Drive1:01
33.Crane Defeats Cobra1:51
34.Castle Combat Climax1:39
35.Miyagi's Magic Moment1:32
36.Gym Break-In1:52
37.Julie Pets the Hawk1:17
38.Cops Chase Julie1:11
40.Julie and Miyagi Approach3:02
41.Training Montage2:10
42.Back to School0:46
Bonus Track
45.Two Looking at One3:40
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