Sabrina / The Unforgiven + 1 Bonus Track

Soundtrack Factory 15/09/2017 CD (8436563181283)


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# Pista   Duración
2.Isnt It Romantic?2:12
3.I Dont Want To Walk Without You1:44
4.Medley: I Wished On The Moon / Isnt It Romantic? /Sabrina4:00
5.Im Yours4:02
6.Larrabee Building0:43
7.Dream Girl / I Dont Want To Walk Without You6:23
8.Lover Waltz3:21
9.Isnt It Romantic?2:32
10.My Ideal / Whispers In The Dark1:38
11.Bridge To Meeting0:27
12.Sabrina (Vocal Version)3:30
13.La Vie En Rose (Vocals By Audrey Hepburn)2:09
15.The Unforgiven (Main Title)3:22
16.Across The Texas Panhandle2:21
17.Turkey In The Straw1:15
18.The Horse Ballet2:42
19.Search For Abe Kelsey1:24
20.Charlie Courts Rachel2:32
21.Kiowa Warpath2:36
22.The Capture Of Abe Kelsey2:30
23.The Unforgiven Alone1:26
24.Riding Back To The Soddy1:46
25.Mattilda Confesses1:32
26.The Kiowas Attack3:24
27.After The Battle/End Title2:32
28.Roman Holiday (Theme)3:01
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