Cop and a Half: New Recruit

Back Lot Music 28/07/2017 Descarga
Serie de TV/Telefilme Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Cyber-Bully1:12
2.Karina's Bike Chase0:50
3.Detective Simmons2:15
4.The First Clue0:49
5.Desk Duty0:53
6.Spying on the Cop1:14
7.Entering the Warehouse1:05
8.Heroes in Action0:54
9.A Drone Appears1:17
10.Interfering with the Case1:36
11.Finding Lucy0:38
12.Late Night Research1:41
13.You Got This on Camera0:37
14.Tracking the Detective0:39
15.Old Industrial District0:44
16.Drone Manufacturing Room1:48
17.Drone Swarm1:45
18.Floppy Arms1:16
19.Escaping the Drones1:25
20.Remembering Karina's Father0:57
22.I'm Escorting You Home0:47
24.City Hall Bathroom Mishap1:07
25.Counterfeit Handbag Taskforce0:31
26.Partners on the Phone1:11
27.The Badge Bandit1:03
28.He Was One of Us1:06
29.Academy Database0:54
30.Got an Address0:34
31.Simmons' story1:20
32.The Drone Ninja1:57
33.Building the Decoys1:57
34.The Eagles Have Landed1:26
35.The Mother Lode2:28
36.Discovering Dewey3:58
37.What Kind of Cop Am I?2:00
38.Another Drone Attack3:33
39.Direct Hit!0:55
40.Partners for Life1:07
41.Cop and a Half: New Recruit End Credits1:36
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