Hadestown: The Myth. The Musical.
Live Original Cast Recording

Rhino Warner Classics 06/10/2017 CD


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# Pista   Duración
1.Road to Hell I 
2.Livin' it up on top 
3.All I've ever known 
4.Way Down Hadestown 
5.Epic II 
6.Chant I 
7.Hey Little Songbird 
8.When the Chips are Down 
9.Gone I'm gone 
10.Wait for Me (I) 
11.Why We Build the Wall 
12.Our Lady of the Underground 
13.Way Down Hadestown II 
14.Chant II 
15.Epic III 
16.Word to the Wise 
17.His Kiss the Riot 
19.Wait for Me II 
20.Doubt Comes In 
21.Road to Hell II 
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