Les Baxter Vol.3
Eight Classic Albums

Real Gone Music 2011 CD (5036408126221)


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# Pista   Duración
Space Escapade - 1958
1.Shooting Star 
3.Mr Robot 
4.The City 
5.A Distant Star 
6.The Commuter 
7.Winds Of Sirius 
8.The Other Side Of The Moon 
9.Somewhere In Space 
10.Earth Light 
11.The Lady Is Blue 
12.Saturday Night On Saturn 
South Pacific - 1958
13.There Is Nothin' Like A Dame 
14.Some Enchanted Evening 
15.Happy Talk 
16.A Cock-Eyed Optimist 
17.I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair 
18.Younger Than Springtime 
19.A Wonderful Guy 
20.Bali Ha'i 
21.This Nearly Was Mine 
22.Dites Moi (Tell Me Why) 
23.Honey Bun 
24.Bloody Mary And My Girl Back Home 
# Pista   Duración
Confetti - 1958
1.Ricordate Marcellino 
2.Heartstring Melody 
3.Dance From Bonjour Tristesse 
4.The Lonely Whistler 
5.Mon Amour, Mon Amour 
6.April In Portugal 
7.La Panse 
8.Love Begins 
9.The Bachelors Of Brussels 
10.Love Theme From 'A Farewell To Arms' 
11.I Never Had A Dream Like This Before 
12.The Poor People Of Paris 
Love Is A Fabulous Thing - 1958
13.Love Is A Fabulous Thing 
14.Hot Summer Night 
15.Cherchez La Femme 
16.Our Kind Of Love 
17.Moonlight Stroll 
18.Rush Hour Romance 
19.Early Morning Blues 
20.Paris Interlude 
21.My Love And The Sea 
22.Afternoon Affair 
23.Well, All Night Long 
24.Dawn Of The City 
# Pista   Duración
African Jazz - 1959
1.Congo Train 
2.Elephant Trail 
3.Banana Boy 
5.Mombassa After Midnight 
7.Lost City 
8.Walkin' Watusi 
9.Ostrich Hunt 
10.Cairo Bazaar 
12.Balinese Bongos 
Jungle Jazz - 1959
14.Rain Forest 
16.Amazon Falls 
18.Carnival Merenque 
19.Isle Of Cuba 
20.Blue Jungle 
21.Voodoo Dreams 
22.One Thousand Cockatoos 
23.Go Chango 
24.Jungle Brava 
# Pista   Duración
Wild Guitars - 1959
1.Sabre Dance 
5.Piccolissima Serenata 
6.My Buddy 
7.Ritual Fire Dance 
8.Brazilian Slave Song 
9.Tell Me, Margarita 
11.Cubana Mulatta 
12.Tico Tico 
The Sacred Idol - 1960
13.Procession Of The Princess 
14.The Feathered Serpent Of The Aztecs 
15.Fruit Of Dreams 
16.Pool Of Love 
18.The Games 
20.Gardens Of The Moon 
21.Temple Of Gold 
22.Pyramid Of The Sun 
23.The High Priest Of The Aztecs 
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