A Walk in the Clouds

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Película Estreno de película: 1995


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Main Title / Boat Arrival4:15
2.Ticket Switch / Train Flashback / Catching Bus0:00
3.Miracle Wish2:14
4.Tinfoil Rings1:40
5.Star Wishes2:03
6.No Bedtime / Teddybear Flashback1:43
7.Butterfly Wings3:01
8.Morning Walk / I'll Stay4:35
9.The Harvest3:07
10.First Kiss2:06
11.Wanted Truth / Victoria's Pain / Let 'Em Know It2:55
12.Honorable Man / Whistling1:01
13.Las Nubes Return1:29
14.Angry Alberto / Vineyard Fire / Fire Aftermath7:55
15.Viral Vine2:46
16.End Title3:12
17.Main Title (Film Version)2:12
18.Tinfoil Rings (Film Version)1:42
19.Star Wishes (Film Version)2:04
20.Butterfly Wings (Film Version)3:00
21.First Kiss (Alternate Opening)0:58
23.Betty's Slow Fox2:23
24.Slow Dance3:01
25.Crush the GrapesVarious artists2:23
26.Mariachi SerenadeVarious artists2:55
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Walk in the Clouds, A (1995)

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