The Winds Of War


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# Pista   Duración
Side One
1.Main Title: Love Theme From The Winds Of War2:23
2.Nazi Generals Meet With Hitler2:41
4.Prelude To Pug’s Bombing Mission2:26
5.Byron And Natalie (Love Theme From The Winds Of War)2:57
6.Through Poland To A Jewish Village2:44
7.Refugees On The Road3:27
8.Nazis Victorious (The Bombing Of London) (l:13)1:13
# Pista   Duración
Side Two
1.Rhoda and Kirby2:35
2.Byron And Natalie’s Wedding2:13
3.Pug At The Russian Front2:21
4.Danger! Neutrals At The Train Station2:05
5.Pug And Pamela (In Love In London)2:28
6.Pearl Harbor / A Day Of Infamy3:11
7.Henry Family Theme2:06
8.End Title: Love Theme From The Winds Of War2:23
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