Deadtime Stories

Terror Vision Records 21/04/2017 Vinyl (0643157441564)
Película Estreno de película: 1986


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# Pista   Duración
1.Get in Bed 
2.Bed Time Tales 
3.Once Upon a Time 
5.The Graveyard 
6.The Thing in the Tomb 
7.Secrets of the Black Forest 
8.All About Magoga 
9.Happily Ever After 
11.Bedtime Tinkle Tunes 
12.O, That Thang! 
13.Bad News Walkin' 
15.Rhapsody in Red and Fur 
16.Bedtime Music Box Slams 
17.Loony Bin 
18.Goldi Magic 
19.Baers Ride Again 
21.Goldi in the Grass 
22.It's Him 
23.Dragged Net 
24.The Godpapa 
25.Brian Goes Nigh-Nigh 
26.Wolf's Lament 
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